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Gra-Mac Distributing Company is a full service Irrigation equipment supplier established in 1955 with emphasis on proper system design and quality equipment selection to efficiently satisfy your individual Irrigation requirements.

Our sales and service personnel have over 75 YEARS of combined experience background in all aspects of Irrigation including center pivot, drip, traveler, sprinkler, gun, solid set, portable, underground, and above ground.

Our sales and service territory includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee and we represent over 75 manufacturers of Irrigation equipment to insure the highest quality and selection of hardware for our customers.

Welcome To Gra-Mac Distributing. We are your local, full service irrigation equipment supplier and installation company. Find the best irrigation supplies and products through us. We carry a large selection of products and brands to choose from. You can find all of the chemigation, fertigation, filtration, and drip irrigation equipment, fabrication, hoses and fittings, overhead equipment, pipe and fittings, pumps, engines, system management, valves, and any other equipment that you may need. Everything that you need to create the perfect irrigation system for a small garden or a large farm. You can rely on us for all of the irrigation equipment that you need. We will even design and install an irrigation system for you!

Our irrigation systems are perfect for a multitude of uses. Keep your athletic fields lush and green; use irrigation for fabrication and other services; grow healthy and fresh fruit and vegetable gardens or farmland; keep your greenhouses blooming and green; and keep your livestock cool in the warmer months. Other uses include keeping your logs moisturized to prevent breaking and splitting, watering acres of trees at nurseries, keeping row crops moist, as well as maintaining residential landscaping, subsurface drip irrigation, turfgrass, vineyards, and wastewater.

No matter what you want or need your irrigation system for, the experts at Gra-Mac Distributing are here to make sure that you get the right irrigation system for you and your needs. Our systems take the hassle out of hand watering, while preserving resources. For the perfect irrigation system and irrigation installation call the experts at Grac-Mac!

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Call Us: (888) 339-2362