wastewaterwastewater8_03An important management tool of many animal production facilities is the land application of the wastewater generated by the facility. Gra-Mac Distributing Company is your supplier for Amadas and Kifco Slurry Reels designed for irrigating waste water with solids content. In solid set situation, Nelson Guns or Senninger 7025 Sprinklers are used extensively. High pressure, portable aluminum pipe is used for above ground systems, while underground piping is SDR 21 PVC pipe with hydrant access.

Recognized as an NRCS Irrigation Technical Specialist, Gra-Mac Distributing Company uses Irricad computer generated designs for blueprints and system specifications organized to allow our customers to apply for available cost share grants. We have a complete lineup of John Deere Power Units, PTO pumps, and Berkeley electric slurry pumps specially designed to operate wastewater applications.

Other sources of gray water could be wineries, municipal and industrial sludge storage, fish hatcheries, storm water catch basins, etc. Bring your problematic waste water disposal situations to Gra-Mac Distributing Company and allow us to show you how to change this problem into an added value for your facility.