Gra-Mac Distributing is your local family-owned and operated irrigation store in Mocksville, NC. We provide everything you need to create and install an irrigation system that fits your needs. There are several reasons why you should choose Gra-Mac to be your trusted irrigation equipment provider. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today with any questions.

Irrigation lines dripping water onto plants

Large Inventory

Our vast inventory selection spans from chemigation, fertigation, filtration, and drip irrigation equipment to fabrication and overhead equipment and that is just the beginning. Since we represent over 75 manufactures of irrigation equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality products you need to set up the perfect irrigation system for your home or business. 

Woman spraying plants with water

Knowledgeable and Friendly Team

The Gra-Mac Distributing team is composed of the friendliest people you’ll meet. When it comes to irrigation, we’re passionate about our services and inventory and we want to ensure that you get what you need. Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in all aspects of irrigation. You can trust us to be transparent and honest with our advice and recommendations. No matter what your needs may be, Gra-Mac Distributing is here to lend you a helping hand.

Plant nursery with flowers

Local Irrigation Store

Gra-Mac Distributing is your go-to local irrigation store and irrigation system installer in Mocksville, NC, and the surrounding areas. We are able to provide all the services that any other chain company can give you, but with the charm of a small business. By purchasing from us, you’re supporting your local economy and a family-owned and operated business that’s been around since 1955. 

Man installing irritation system

Supply and Installs Equipment

Along with supplying a vast inventory of irrigation products and equipment, Gra-Mac Distributing also will install your irrigation system for you! We are able to customize the irrigation system to suit your needs, whether it’s for a garden, athletic field or a farm. Gra-Mac Distributing stands out from the competition through our superior customer service, high-quality products, and our efficient installation process. 

It should be obvious now that Gra-Mac Distributing is the top choice for all things irrigation. We have the experience, inventory and friendly team that can provide superior service for all of your needs. You won’t be disappointed when you choose Gra-Mac Distributing. Contact us today for a quote to see how we can assist you with your irrigation system.