pastureturfgrassTurf grass production can utilize different styles of Irrigation equipment. Amadas and Kifco Water Reels remove much of the labor required to irrigate larger acreage of turf grass by watering many acres with each pass across the field. As a grower, if you are managing smaller plots of specialty grasses that may need watering and/or cooling each day, then a style of solid set irrigation will be needed in order to meet the water demands of these grasses. Power to drive the pumps for these systems of irrigation could either be electric, diesel, or tractor PTO.

Turf grass located in parks, recreation facilities, cemeteries, turf borders, and large lawn areas at commercial buildings also benefit from irrigation. These large areas can be watered by permanent underground systems using Rain Bird Rotors, automatic solenoid valves, and controllers. Amadas and Kifco also manufacture a complete line of mini water reels that are specifically designed for this size of turf grass area. These mini water reels are generally operated off public water systems without the need of a primary pump and are very portable, allowing the user to irrigate several different areas during the same irrigation cycle.

Allow Gra-Mac Distributing Company to discuss with you our extensive resources of equipment, designed specifically for turf grass locations.