subsurface2_usesubsurface_useThe most efficient type of irrigation for crops is subsurface drip irrigation (or SDI) where the drip tape is buried allowing for precision root management. The water is supplied directly to the roots along with any needed fertilizers or chemicals. The tape is buried and placed based on the type of soil and root zone.

SDI conserves water through eliminating evaporation and delivering the drip uniformly throughout the soil for each plant in the crop. SDI has shown capabilities to double and even triple crop yields by reducing crop stress and allowing for uniform, precise and safe delivery of fertilizers exactly when they are needed in the life of the crop.

Corn on SDI


Whether it be corn, soybeans, cotton or others, subsurface drip irrigation is ideal for irregularly shaped fields, fields having different soil types and undulating terrain. With SDI being our specialty, be sure to ask our irrigation experts if you need any advice, or if you’re in need of irrigation supplies. Since 1955, we have been providing our customers with the highest quality equipment for their irrigation systems, as well as providing them with our expertise to ensure that their project turns out exactly how they want it. Be sure to contact us today!