Our company is an eco-friendly focused irrigation company, dedicated to providing high quality products and service. Located in Mocksville, we proudly serve the Statesville area. We are able to offer quality hardware and systems through trusted companies products, such as John Deere, Rain Bird Corp., Protek, and more. Our team has a combined 75 years of experience in areas of irrigation including center pivot, portable, underground, drip, above ground, gun, solid set, sprinkler, and traveler. We are experts, committed to steering you in the right direction for your project.

Irrigation for Nursery

From small plants to large acreage, Gra-Mac is prepared to provide whatever you need. Traveling guns, PTO pumps, electric pumps, and motors are available for larger areas of turf grass. All of our products are provided by trustworthy brands such as Caprari, John Deere, Berkeley, and many more!

Drip Irrigation

If you have crops, the best way to irrigate them is with drip irrigation. The drip is installed underground and allows the crops to be watered directly, which allows for water conservation due to lack of evaporation. Through direct root watering, crops are able to grow better and can even double in production.

Turf Grass Irrigation

Turf grass can often cover a large acreage and requires specific equipment to ensure the best irrigation. Through permanent underground irrigation systems, these large areas are able to be watered by using solenoid valves, Rain Bird Rotors, and controllers. The systems of irrigation can be powered through diesel, tractor PTO, or electric for an eco-friendly approach.

Produce Irrigation

When you’re looking to irrigate for produce such as vegetables or tree fruits, you have multiple options. We can help design a system catered to whatever fruits or vegetables you’re growing. Our designs include sprinklers, traveling guns, and portable aluminum pipes.

Contact our Experts

Partner with a company who understands the importance of treating your project differently. If you have questions about your project or our products, contact our irrigation experts! We proudly offer over 75 years of combined experience and can design AND install all irrigation systems.