Our full service irrigation equipment company, started in 1955, is designed to provide quality equipment and installation. Located in Mocksville, we proudly provide service to Salisbury and the surrounding areas. If you look through our systems and don’t find one that fits your needs, we’ll make a custom one just for you. We have everything you need for an irrigation system including overhead equipment, pumps, valves, hoses and fittings, plus much more. No matter the project, Gra-Mac Irrigation has the solution!

Irrigation for Nursery

Pot layouts, above ground containers, or in ground containers all require specific and proper irrigation catered to them. We have a wide range of equipment to meet your needs. Many in-ground tree growers have seen a direct benefit of using irrigation systems like Triton drip tubing.

Drip Irrigation

When looking to water your crops, drip irrigation has proven to be the most effective and eco-friendly. From corn to cotton, this style of irrigation has been known to double or even triple crop production due to less stress on them, as well as direct watering of the crop.

Turf Grass Irrigation

Depending on the size of turf grass you are irrigating, there are specific options to look into to ensure the best growth. Smaller areas of specialty grasses, for example, would benefit best from a solid, set irrigation. Large lawn areas also benefit from irrigation.

Gardening Irrigation

Your produce deserves specific attention with irrigation. We design each system specific to your needs using disc filters, drip tape, sand filters and more. We also have all the necessary equipment to irrigate tree and bush fruits. When you choose the right irrigation system for your produce, you ensure the best results for your fruits and vegetables.

Contact our Experts

As experts with over 75 combined years of experience, Gra-Mac is dedicated to keeping your crops, produce, and turf areas, irrigated and lush. Our systems are high quality and specified to your needs. Take the hassle out of hand watering with an eco-friendly solution. Call today or contact us for a free quote.