rowcropstobaccoRow Crop Farming Issues

One of the main perils of row crop farming is the lack of adequate rainfall during critical growth stages of the crop. Farmers are constantly being challenged to hold expenses to a minimum, grow a high quality and bountiful crop, and then be successful in marketing the crop for the greatest return. Since 1955, Gra-Mac Distributing Company has been aiding North Carolina farms in cutting their irrigation costs by providing efficient watering solutions.

Our Agricultural Irrigation Solutions

Whether you are growing tobacco in today’s seemingly constant climate of marketing challenges or a large acreage of corn and soybeans, Gra-Mac Distributing Company can supply you with the complete equipment setup to provide the proper amount of moisture at the correct time for the maximum return.

Since most of this type of irrigation uses water from lakes and streams, portable diesel power units, tractor PTO pumps, or electric motor pumping stations would normally be used as the power source. Piping could be above ground, portable, high pressure aluminum pipe or underground PVC pipe.

Portable water reels manufactured by Amadas and Kifco are available in various PE hose sizes from 2″ to 4.5″ and are very practical means of covering a larger acreage. Growers with less acreage could choose from portable A & M coupled aluminum pipe with Rain Bird sprinklers or Nelson guns for their irrigation equipment.

Whichever combination of equipment you choose, Gra-Mac Distributing Company is happy to be your one stop for all of your irrigation needs. If you are interested in discussing the specifics of some of these irrigation solutions, feel free to reach out to us. We serve Lexington, Winston-Salem, Statesville, and Salisbury, North Carolina.