nursery7_03nurseryWhether you are a grower of nursery plant material in pot layouts, in-ground containers, or above-ground containers, Gra-Mac Distributing Company has a wide range of nursery irrigation supplies to match your watering needs.

By utilizing our years of experience and the customer’s management goals, Gra-Mac Distributing Company is able to customize nursery irrigation system for each growing situation. For customers seeking drip irrigation solutions for their nursery, we offer a wide range of drip irrigation supplies and systems.

Our Nursery Watering Systems

For customers with large acreage who desire to use traveling guns, we handle Amadas and Kifco Water Reels along with John Deere Diesel power units, PTO pumps by Caprari, and Berkeley electric pump and motors. Many of our in-ground tree growers have discovered the benefits of using quality Netafim USA Ram and Triton drip tubing to accurately apply the needed irrigation water and fertilizer solution directly to the plant’s root zone.

For small plant material in containers, overhead sprinklers or mini-wobblers may give the grower the maximum coverage for the money spent. In B&B storage areas, overhead sprinklers or spray stakes are a mainstay of watering until the plant is sold. Spray stakes for each individual plant allow our pot n pot container growers to have large plant material for sale year round.

Nursery growers are a vital part of Gra-Mac Distributing Company’s customer base and, we strive to properly apply old and new technology to give our customers the best systems for their investment. We serve the greater Winston-Salem area and more rural areas of North Carolina as well.