wastewater3_03livestock_coolersEnsuring that your livestock is cool and comfortable during North Carolina summers is crucial. In recent years, Gra-Mac Distributing Company has supplied our dairy, swine, and other livestock growers with Misting/Cooling Systems for climate control in animal lounging areas during the hotter months of the year. By periodically being cooled with a mist application of water in conjunction with air movement from cooling fans, these systems allow the animals to be more comfortable.

Our Livestock & Animal Cooling Systems

Using Superior Sterling Controllers and automatic solenoid valves, the systems will operate automatically each day as needed. The system can be integrated with temperature thermostats for automatic start-up or shut-down during various climate conditions. These animals can produce more milk or grow at a faster rate when they are prevented from having heat stress.

If you are in the livestock business, allow Gra-Mac Distributing Company to show you how to utilize this tool to increase the comfort of your animals so that they, in exchange, may produce the maximum return. Give us a call today.