Irrigation is the silent hero in every garden, farm land, nursery, vineyard, and the like. With a wide variety of options, the systems used to irrigate are endless and can provide specific needs to each project. Drip irrigation, amongst the others, specifically stands out against the rest. This irrigation solution has provided an eco-friendly solution, as well as a convenient way to ensure efficient and simple watering. Today we’re going to take a look at what drip irrigation consists of and what eco solutions it provides. You may find the need to add it to your own set up as a watering solution!

Drip Irrigation Setup

Drip irrigation has found to be extremely beneficial for garden situations in particular. The design of this system provides water directly to the root zone of the plant, allowing the water to slowly and methodically seep into the soil and be absorbed by the plant. Initially, you will want to start with a soaker hose to test the effects of a drip system.

What They Do

You can use a couple of the soaker hoses and disperse them on the surface over a small area, and test different system set ups that fit your project. Drip irrigation systems in their entirety are designed to provide water through low pressure in a series of tubes and other equipment, and directed at the plant, or plants, of choice. One of the beneficial things, which we will discuss more in a bit, is the ability to cater to specific set ups and direct water at certain plants. Drip tape is one of the pieces of equipment that is often used for irrigation. The system as a whole is typically run by a clock set on a timer.

Plants Response

With this irrigation system, you will find your plants will often become accustomed to the watering system and will have a difficult time thriving if it changes. The roots of the plant being watered will grow towards the water source, so take note to spread out the drip system. Dispersing the direction the water is going will help the roots of the plants, vegetables, or the like, to be more evenly distributed throughout the soil.

For the best initial results, draw up a theoretical system to help determine how many feet of the tubing you will need.

Eco Friendly Solution

As we discussed above, drip irrigation systems are an eco friendly solution for a variety of different projects.  Here are a few of the ways this system has benefited the environment around them.


We touched on the design of drip systems, and how they provide water directly to the root source of plants. This allows there to be little to no runoff, and no evaporation. As a result, drip irrigation systems have proved to be extremely water efficient, providing less waste, which leads us to our next point…

Less Water Waste

The drip irrigation system is a safe and effective way of producing a consistent and steady amount of water to plants over time. Often times, other systems will douse plants throughout the week, over saturating the soil with water. This makes drip systems  a wonderful solution for the summer season. As the heat rises, the water that is distributed through a sprinkler or overhead hose is often evaporated, limiting the effectiveness of watering the plant. Implementing drip irrigation systems helps mitigate the waste and evaporation of water, while maintaining the maximum benefits for the plant.

Lower Cost

Due to the water being more evenly distributed over a period of time, owners will end up saving money. In addition, choosing to water at the beginning or end of the day will help prevent evaporation or any water loss through heat. Watering your plants in the heat of the day causes additional water waste and will end up costing more, to compensate for the loss through runoff and evaporation.

Best Results

Overall, the result of drip irrigation can be shown directly by looking at the plants themselves. As we said before, the roots of the plants will grow towards the water source. When the plants or crops are watered at a steady, consistent pace, the results are lush. The ability to custom design this system also allots certain plants to have access to the amount of water they will need, as some plants require more watering than others.
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