4 Great Irrigation Systems that Work for Most Orchards Today

Irrigation systems offer a series of advantages that make it possible to rationalize water. Any irrigation system must undergo a previous study to determine if it is the most suitable for you, considering the type of vegetation or the way water is distributed to get the best performance.

That’s why irrigation is fundamental to grow any agricultural product. Through irrigation, we give water to the soil so that the plants can grow. At Gra-Mac, we can show you the best farm irrigation system for your orchard. Read on to learn more!

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is one of the best small farm irrigation systems you can use. It is a type of irrigation in which the force of gravity is used to distribute water over the soil surface.

The advantages of surface irrigation are management. It is easy to use, it is an environmentally-friendly system and you can use rainwater as a water source. In fact, no modern technology is needed. If you have local, traditional knowledge, it can be done rather easily. You don’t need much financial support if you have a short-term water supply. 

Drip Irrigation

With this system, you have the possibility to save water and nutrients by making the water drip until it reaches the roots of the plants and feeds the soil. The water is placed in special zones near the roots distributing water effectively to save resources and obtain the best results. This is a great way to ensure each plant is getting as much direct water as it needs.

Sprinkler Irrigation

The sprinkler irrigation system is one of the multiple methods of crop irrigation that exist today. It applies water by imitating rain. The mechanism works through a network of pipes that transports the water to the sprinklers, which use pressure to trigger it. Irrigation is boosted through this pumping system.

The crop sprinklers are distributed in such a way that the entire field is covered as evenly as possible.

Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

Micro-Sprinklers should deliver irrigation through very fine droplets. They have a rotating deflector that helps provide a larger diameter of coverage, a lower precipitation rate than sprinklers, a larger droplet size, and better water distribution.

Micro-sprinklers are ideal for low-volume irrigation in horticultural crops, fruit growing, flowers, greenhouses, nurseries, frost protection, and landscape irrigation. They also allow the application of phytosanitary products to the plant cover of crops.


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All these irrigation systems are perfectly functional for most orchards. However, depending on the characteristics of your orchard, you must decide which one is best for your needs. For example, if you have a large surface area, sprinkler irrigation could work for you. But, if your surface area is not so large, micro-sprinkler irrigation could be the best option.

In any case, at Gra-Mac, we have all the equipment you may need for irrigating your orchard in Mocksville and its surrounding areas in North Carolina. Call us to learn more!