Athletic fields have different irrigation needs than an orchard, and they require a water-conserving balance to keep the grass fresh. You must understand the specific requirements of your field and adapt the irrigation system to the weather, season, soil type, and many other elements. Read on to discover the key factors that keep your athletic field in top condition!

Knowing Your Field’s Needs

The first step is to know the soil of your athletic field. For this, you must know its needs and adapt to the weather conditions of your city before installing the irrigation system. At every moment, consider if it is raining, if there is too much sun, and the type of soil among other factors. This way, you make sure that your grass is not overwatered or lacking water.


Proper Watering

Overwatering can lead to disease problems and damage your grass, but the lack of water also affects the health of your athletic field. Therefore, you must have an irrigation system that adapts to the needs of your field and does not overwater your turf.

To do this, you must have a strategy for watering your field and maintain a proper balance for the amount of water your athletic field requires. Irrigation systems will often run on a schedule, and various zones can operate at different times to ensure each part of your field is getting proper watering.


Soil Type

To develop an effective irrigation program, it is critical to understand the characteristics of your soil type. It influences how often you need to irrigate and the amount of water you need to apply. In fact, some types of soil require more water to obtain good results, and that’s why you should know the soil of your athletic field and not risk your grass’ health.


Irrigation Frequency

Irrigation frequency is something you have to consider to take care of your athletic field. You must avoid applying more water than the soil can absorb and stop using your irrigation system if it puts the grass at risk. Likewise, applying less water than needed can damage the health of your field as well. 

At Gra-Mac, we can advise you from the installation of your irrigation system to the maintenance of your athletic field.


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Knowing the characteristics of your athletic field is necessary to keep your turf in the best conditions and ensure that it remains healthy. It is particularly important to know the type of soil of your field, the right amount of water it needs, and the frequency with which you should irrigate. 

By considering these factors, you will keep your field in perfect shape for any sport, and at Gra-Mac, we are ready to help you in Mocksville, North Carolina.