Understanding the Effects of Overwatering for Your Irrigation System

With advances in modern irrigation, keeping your lawn well hydrated is easier than ever. However, you should be careful and prevent overwatering your lawn since it has negative effects.

This problem is especially common when people forget to turn off their automatic watering systems during periods of heavy rainfall. So, to keep your lawn or orchard in the best conditions, you should take into account the following benefits of an irrigation system.


Drip Irrigation Prevents Overwatering

A drip irrigation system helps you prevent overwatering as its drip system is slow but effective, and allows you to irrigate the soil while maintaining the health of your orchard or lawn with modern equipment and technology. In fact, good equipment in your drip irrigation system can prevent overwatering and increase productivity.


A Good Drainage

An irrigation system with drainage serves two purposes: it reduces excess water from the land, and controls the salinization that inevitably accompanies lands with insufficient natural drainage. 

In addition, adequate drainage allows crop diversification and intensification of land use. By accompanying your irrigation system with good drainage, you can get the results you expect.


Irrigation Systems Use Water Smartly

An overwatered lawn is often a gateway to a cycle of lawn problems and costly chemical treatments that will not go away unless the underlying problem (overwatering) is managed. All of that is preventable with a modern irrigation system. A good irrigation system avoids overwatering and uses water efficiently. In fact, you can control the irrigation time to avoid damaging the soil.


They Can Have Irrigation Controllers

Having irrigation controllers allows you to save water if programmed properly, and they prevent overwatering through their technology. The most modern systems can measure data for the irrigation of your orchard such as the amount of moisture in the soil or the amount of water detected, which allows the controller to shut off automatically.

Find Your New Irrigation System at Gra-Mac!

A modern irrigation system can prevent overwatering efficiently and quite accurately, and you only have to adjust the necessary data for the system to work properly.Remember, overwatering is bad for the lawn and will make it susceptible to external stresses such as drought, insects, weeds, and disease. Contact Gra-Mac and get the right equipment for your needs in Mocksville and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.