When it comes to irrigation systems, more and more people are finding out that drip irrigation is the way to go. Of course, it depends on your irrigation needs and the lay of the land that you need to water, but the majority of the time, a drip system is the right call. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the many benefits that come with the system.

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Water Efficiency

While we haven’t experienced it this year, North Carolina has undergone droughts. Some of you may recall the drought that lasted nearly three years which began in 2000. So water conservation should always be on the mind during the summer season. One of the main reasons that people choose drip irrigation is because it doesn’t use as much water as other irrigation systems do. This is because the system is subsurface and the water slowly seeps drop by drop to the root of your plants. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that drip irrigation systems save up to 30,000 gallons of water per year! So when you choose drip irrigation, you’re not only getting an efficient system but also being eco-friendly and conserving water.

Easy to Install

If you’ve never installed an irrigation system before, then the installation is probably left to the professionals (that’s us!), but another benefit that comes with drip irrigation is how easy it is to install. The majority of irrigation projects put your current plants at risk, but not with this system! It’s also simple to reroute in case that situation arises.

Little Maintenance

Drip irrigation is one of the most stress-free systems out there. You don’t need to worry about hand watering your crops or struggle with sprinkler heads that are malfunctioning, there is very little that can go wrong with drip irrigation systems and that is a big reason that most people decide on this system. Sure, you should do some routine checks to make sure that the timers, valves, and the like are operational, but that doesn’t need to happen very often. Basically, you can sit back, relax with a cold drink, and have the peace of mind knowing that your plants are getting the water that they need.  

Time Saver

Going along with the little maintenance required, these systems save you a ton of time. There’s no need to roll out your hose, set timers, take the time spraying your plants, etc, and then putting everything away. If your drip irrigation system has a timer, all you need to do is turn the system on. It will shut off on its own. Incredibly easy!

Wind is Not an Issue

Wind interference is a common issue for sprinkler systems. If the draft is strong enough, your plants will obviously not be getting the water that they need to grow. With subsurface drip irrigation, this isn’t a concern in the slightest. Since the irrigation lines are in the soil, each drop of water is going right where it is supposed to go.

Reduction of Pests and Weeds

When the water remains on top of the surface, it becomes a prime spot for insects to call home. Not only that but pooling water also enhances the chances that weeds will grow. Obviously, neither of these scenarios are good for your plants. Since all of the water goes directly into the soil with a drip system, the plants will get the water, not insects or weeds.

Right to the Root

We’ve said it a few times already, but it’s worth it to bring it up again. The main benefit of drip irrigation compared to the other systems is that the water goes directly to the root. This helps you conserve a massive amount of water over the years, and also helps your plants grow. Plants that are watered by a drip system are known to grow faster than others. This is because they are getting just the right amount of water when they need it. They’re not going to be overwatered or underwatered. This will let you have happy and healthy plants through the summer and into the early fall.

Cost Efficient

Who doesn’t love saving money? As we’ve discussed, drip systems use significantly less water than other systems, which, of course, means that your water bill is going to drop quite a bit! It’s difficult to estimate exactly how much you will save since everyone’s water needs are different but you will likely be saving up to 70% compared to the bill from the year before.

Keep these benefits in mind if you’re currently trying to decide on what type of irrigation system to get. Drip systems are incredibly efficient, helps you to save money by conserving water, and are also incredibly easy to maintain. Here at Gra-Mac Irrigation, we have everything you need to get started! We are North Carolina’s most reliable irrigation equipment supplier and installation company and are dedicated to providing the best customer service. Contact us today if you have any questions or go ahead and look through our inventory to find what you need.