greenhouse2_03greenhouses02One of the most important components of growing plant material in a greenhouse is the irrigation system. Gra-Mac Distributing Company is your source for quality, precise irrigation products in Winston-Salem, Statesville, Lexington, and the surrounding areas.

Our Greenhouse Irrigation Solutions

Gra-Mac offers greenhouse irrigation system designs from manufacturers such as Netafim USA, Point Source Irrigation, DAN, Superior Controls, Senninger, Chemilizer, Aquarius, Nelson, and many more. From hanging baskets to multiple containers off a single emitter, we have designs for many situations involving container-grown material. Misting/propagation devices with automatic controls are essential pieces of equipment to create the proper environment for plants to start life.

For larger plant material, individual spray stakes or mini-wobblers allow the grower to precisely control water use. Plant growth will be enhanced by using the Chemilizer units to mix the proper amount of fertilizers with the irrigation water during each irrigation cycle.

Whether you operate one cold frame or hundreds of greenhouses, Gra-Mac Distributing Company can be your only stop for all of your important irrigation needs.

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