1. Winterizing Your Outdoor Irrigation System

    Winter is right around the corner–you’re swapping out your flip flops for warm boots and trading in your sleeveless tees for long sleeved shirts and furry scarves. But preparing your wardrobe isn’t the only planning ahead you need to do, with colder temperatures on the horizon. More than likely, you know there are precautions you need to take to protect your outdoor irrigation system from fr…Read More

  2. How To Conserve Water This Summer

    Summer’s here, and it’s feelin’ hot, hot, hot! To beat the heat, you may find yourself wanting to take an extra long, cold shower or fill up the kiddie pool over and over again for your tots to splash around in. Both are tempting ways to stay cool when it’s a scorcher, but don’t forget that those two solutions involve the use of lots and lots of water. Here at Gra-Mac Distributing, we u…Read More

  3. Is Your Water High-Quality H2O?

    When the Waterboy deems his water “high quality,” you have to wonder, “But why?” What is it, exactly, that makes one cup of water superior to another? How can you claim with total certainty that your water is better than your friend’s? We’ll tell you. There are many measurements of water, but here are seven things to consider when asking yourself, “Is this the absolute best water eve…Read More

  4. Start a Vegetable Garden This Spring!

    Spring is upon us, and you may be looking at your own yard and considering a vegetable garden.. Maybe you have thought of having a garden for years, but this is the year you are determined to make it happen! A garden is a great addition to any yard, and with a few tips you will be on your way to enjoying fresh, delicious vegetables that you have grown yourself. With not too much work, your yard ca…Read More

  5. Drip Irrigation: Eco Friendly

    Irrigation is the silent hero in every garden, farm land, nursery, vineyard, and the like. With a wide variety of options, the systems used to irrigate are endless and can provide specific needs to each project. Drip irrigation, amongst the others, specifically stands out against the rest. This irrigation solution has provided an eco-friendly solution, as well as a convenient way to ensure efficie…Read More