athleticfield4_03North Carolina Irrigation Design

For over three decades, Gra-Mac Distributing Company has been involved in sport field irrigation design, equipment selection, and quality installation for both proper operation and the safety of the players using the fields. If you are looking for help in maintaining a beautiful, green sports field, you’ve come to the right place.

Field Irrigation Solutions

We use the Rain Bird line of Turf Rotors, Controller, and Automatic Valves for permanent in-ground systems such as in football and baseball stadiums.

When a portable or temporary system is required, a Kifco or Amadas mini-water reel can irrigate multiple playing and practice fields for soccer, softball, baseball, and football. If the location requires either a primary or booster pump, Gra-Mac Distributing Company can supply the proper equipment to accomplish the job. Other types of sport areas for which we have experience providing irrigation assistance are: clay tennis courts, horse riding arenas, horse exercise yards, and golf courses.


Whether you choose to install it yourself, or have a custom installation, your first step should be to call Gra-Mac Distributing Company. We would be happy to provide you with a quote.